What I do

I write clean, concise, compelling copy for print and online publications. No job too big or too small. My interests and clients are varied – they run the gamut from government agencies and universities to solo entrepreneurs who just need a little professional polish.

I’ve lived and traveled all over the world, and have worked in a wide range of industries. I’ve been a legal intern, a scuba diving instructor, a derivatives broker, a real estate manager, a waitress, a hospital orderly and a sub-editor at a major newspaper, though not necessarily in that order. I love writing both fiction and non-fiction, though it’s the latter that pays the bills, and to be honest, a lot of what I do could be classified as both.

Some gigs have been more fun than others, but all were delivered on time, on budget and always clean as a whistle.

I ghostwrite, edit and proofread as well. I love taking on new clients and new projects – especially in areas that push me out of my comfort zone. If you need advice or assistance, get in touch. The quotation is always free.

Want the details? My LinkedIn profile is here. Or check out what I’ve done and where I’ve been.