What I’ve done

This is a curated collection of writing samples from the past decade of freelancing. Please feel free to contact me for more.

Travel essays

Happy trails | Real Love Works
Vacations can become stressful, here’s how to make your next holiday a happy – not heated – experience

With a tot in tow | Natas Holidays
Breathe easier on your next trip abroad with Junior

Travel features

Mastering the art of French cooking | Travel Revolution
Learning to cook like a chef in Brittany and Provence

For a wild time | Duet
Travel for a cause on a volunteering holiday

Top of the world | Natas Travel
Decadent views, delicious cocktails and more

Want to read more travel writing? Check out where I’ve been.


Into the swamp | PURE
It’s just a few hectares of waterlogged ground, but the Nee Soon swamp forest is home to some of the most interesting living creatures in Singapore. Interview with Dr Shawn Lum.

Woman on a mission | The Alumnus
Tan Wai Jia believes it’s not about what you think you can do, but about what love can do through you. And she certainly walks the talk.


Mummy Musings is an ongoing series of personal essays I write for an online parenting portal. My favourite one (so far) is this one that I wrote about how my child is growing up way too fast.


Get crafty | Beanstalk magazine
Getting creative about recycling

Fun with words | Beanstalk magazine
Add to your child’s repertoire of words through easy – and enjoyable – activities you can do at home


On a sugar low | Lifewise
It’s time you knew what is really in your drink

The chronic killer | Today
Lifestyle changes and healthy programmes can help fight major illnesses

Getting a headstart | Lifewise
Spend your 20s and 30s setting the foundation for a healthy life

Here is a current affairs digest that I curated and wrote for a health magazine.

Marketing copy

This is an EDM I did for a large insurance company.

Here is a short piece on skills upgrading for adult learners.

And this is a longer feature I wrote for the in-house magazine of a global property developer.

Technical writing projects

I’ve recently started taking on technical writing gigs – style guides, yearbooks, SOP manuals and more. (Due to client confidentiality, I am unable to include examples here.)

Miscellaneous projects

Occasionally, I tackle layout and design work, like this advertorial I did for SIM University. From writing the copy to designing the layout, I handled it all from start to finish.

In an experience I’m not sure I would want to repeat again, I once sub-edited an entire book, My Life: Then and Now, which you can read here. You can read an essay I wrote for the book here.

I love writing and designing cover letters and resumes. I can make you look pretty … pretty hire-able, that is.

I also manage social media for Learn Comox Valley.